Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day

Lately, I've donated some time writing for a non-profit that promotes education in India to diminish poverty, hunger, child labor, illness, and other concerns. So when I saw that the topic for Blog Action Day 2008 was poverty, I thought I'd lend my voice.

When I sat down to write this entry, I looked on the Internet for some facts to throw at you.

Then I changed my mind.

In all those numbers and percent signs, it's easy to forget that poverty has a face.

It is the man who doesn't have the livestock and knowledge to get the most from his farm, and who thus cannot provide enough food for his family.

It is the single mother who doesn't have the education and resources to support her children.

It is the child who has to work in a factory to help her family survive.

The current world economic crisis makes poverty an even more pressing concern. Bill Gates and Warren Buffer will be fine. As worried as the stock brokers and bankers are, they won't bear the full impact of the crisis. They'll be fine. I'm no Bill Gates, but I'll be fine, too, thanks for your concern.

But the economic downturn will hit first and hardest on those who already have trouble getting enough to eat each day.

I would say, "Remember them," but I don't want you to remember them. I want you to find a reputable charity, such as one of these, and give.

Now. Go. Do it.

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