Friday, November 2, 2007


For work, I've been moving some of our processes to be more database-centric. Databases themselves aren't that useful or interesting for the average user, who doesn't want to get grubby with SQL. I've been putting a web front end on things, and I decided to use Django to do it. Before this, I had worked through the tutorial a couple of times, but I had never actually done anything with the web framework. Overall, I really like it. It could use some brushing up in parts, but then it's not at the 1.0 release yet. And some parts are incredible. The admin interface deserves everything that's been said about it. Here you get a complete interface on your database tables for almost no effort. Incredible. The main downside is my own insecurities. Am I doing this the best way? Am I structuring my code the best way. I've divided the project up into about half a dozen apps, based upon categories that make sense according to our processes, but which are ultimately arbitrary. I should probably get on (IRC) #django and ask some questions. But if history is any indication, I will continue to stumble along on my own.

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