Friday, November 16, 2007

Writing and Coding, Part 1

When I named this blog, part of the reason I chose this name was because I enjoy both writing and coding, and I wanted to talk about both. I didn't want to start two blogs, however, and later abandon both. I would rather just abandon one. (There are already a few abandoned blogs with my name on them. No sense adding to that number without reason.) The other reason is that I've always thought that there are similarities between the two activities, as well as big differences, and I wanted to explore these. A lot of people have written on these before or presented papers. This is just my take. This is a complicated, many-faceted topic, so it will take me several days to discuss this. Here's the plan:
  • Writing and Coding, Part 2: Self-Discovery
  • Writing and Coding, Part 3: Artistic Expression
  • Writing and Coding, Part 4: Test-Driven Writing
  • Writing and Coding, Part 5: Ambiguity
  • Writing and Coding, Part 6: Conclusion

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